Writing101 Day 3

Today’s Prompt: Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you?

Okay so today’s prompt is to write about 3 favorite songs. I am pretty comfortable about this one.

The first song that Im gonna talk about is “Chasing cars” by Snow Patrol. I liked the song from the beginning but it particularly became my favorite after Grey’s Anatomy.They whole cast sung it in the musical episode of the show. This song has helped me through gruesome university years and is still helping. I use it as my morning coffee.

The starting “If I lay here . If I just lay her

                     would you lie with me and just forget the world”

This reminds me of all those people who help me through my dark times and somehow are able to always get me out of them. I feel like I can always call them, give them a distress call and they will come for my rescue. Even it means lying and watching our favorite show together or eating fattening, cheesy stuff like idiots.

Then “lets waste time chasing cars around our heads”

this again reminds me of my people with whom I like wasting time with.

“Forget what we are told, before we get too old

show me a garden that’s bursting into life”

I can relate with this in a way that i don’t want to remain stuck in my short comings I want to grow out of them and become a better human being.

the last lines that mean a lot to me are: “I don’t know where, confused about how as well

                                                               just know that these things will never change for us at all”

this particularly goes for my “person” , my best friend(mattu). I really don’t know how but i will make sure our relation never changes.

The next favorite is “How to save a life” by The fray.

Im listening this song while writing. The previous one did not play for some reason. This song acts like my support system and I never get tired of it.It also particularly reminds me of a friend that I had to leave.Those people with whom your chemistry just doesn’t match. I believe all of us live in our circles or bubbles. All of us are somehow justified and right in our own circle. Some of the circles match or overlap perfectly resulting in great relationships.Some however , no matter how much you try just don’t fit in. Eventually you have to part ways because its for the best,I had to leave a friend for the same reason. Leaving was difficult, when is it not? but it also made me discover myself.My comfort zone,The boundaries to which i can push myself and when i have to stop, take a step back and embrace the reality. Now I know who my people are and I know I have to stick to them because they are worth hanging on to.

drive until you loose the road, or break with ones you followed”

“I would’ve stayed up with you all night had i known how to save a life.”

I would have definitely stick with things which i could stick to… but some things are best left alone.

On a lighter note this also reminds me how much i am influenced by grey’s! But I am !

Third one was difficult to decide. So many favorites were coming into mind.the above mentioned songs somehow give me the same feeling, feeling of elevation.So i decided to with an old favorite which gives me a different feeling.

This one is “Comfortably numb” by ” Pink Floyd.

Pink Floyd was introduced to me by my brother, my only sibling.It will always hold importance in that sense.I guess he told me to listen to their psychedelic music when he realized that i was going through the same teenage stuff he went through.I started listening and this is a song i can definitely relate to a lot!

This relates to the darker side of me.the side which is prone to thinking that the glass is half empty, This goes to my “numb” times when i can’t really relate to anything happening around me.Its good to hear a song that describes your feelings well.The songs is dwelling between two voices, of conscious and sub conscious.it relates well to the internal battles going on inside me during days of doubt,distress and also self discovery. Well. the good part is I always manage to come out of my numbness and like that, the fact I can let go.it may take a lot of time but eventually i do.

There is a fun fact related to it too.

The lines ” When i was a kid, i had a fever

                   my hands felt like two balloons”

This is something that actually happened to me in my childhood.So yeah real time association is there too. It still happens in times of distress.I think i have used the word “distress” so many times but its okay its free writing. right? haha.

And that commitment , to write for at least 15 mins daily, definitely going to do that.

3 thoughts on “Writing101 Day 3

  1. Wonderful songs. I can see how you are influenced by Grey’s Anatomy as your first two songs will always be closely associated with the show. As for your Pink Floyd selection, it reminded me of a similar story I had- but with Wish You Were Here. Music has a wonderful way of touching our lives.

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