Day2 – Street & Establishing shots


Street view.


I really liked the foreground of this picture but I felt like I could do better with the background. I put this up anyway.

This  is a street vendor ” Raddi wala” who collects recyclable material.

I really enjoyed today’s assignment as it got me out of the house. A few minutes on the street allows you to see so many different things.

Plus the second picture was taken earlier in the day. I really love how the shadows have changed.


18 thoughts on “Day2 – Street & Establishing shots

  1. I particularly liked the second one- the man on the bike, the angle is slightly different- they are both nice but the second o e catches my eye.

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  2. Hi! I also like the bicycle picture better. It’s simply a nice capture of an everyday scene. Also, I think it would make a completely different impression, if you cut the picture in half horizontally so that the bicycle man would be in the centre.

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