Writing101 Day 2

Today’s Prompt: If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?

Today’s twist: organize your post around the description of a setting.

She was sitting in front of her computer screen, face etched in concentration, fingers typing, translating the pictures in her mind into words and sentences. She had been writing for the past hour now, her story reaching to a point where everything gets tangled up. But she knew what was going to happen and how. She was on a roll this morning.

Writing the final sentence of the paragraph, she put the full stop and looked up.There were large glass windows in the living room, which started one foot from the ground and went almost all the way up to the ceiling. She loved the large windows and the view they provided, incorporating the greenery and freshness of the outside with coziness of the inside. Her office was on the masonic level which also kept her aware with the activities down in the living room. Her chair faced the windows allowing her to see the lush garden surrounding the two-story house. There was a big tree right in front of her sitting space whose branches extended all the way towards the house. A swing was tied with the biggest and strongest branch of the tree. Her kids loved it. Her husband had insisted on a swing set to be placed, instead of the traditional swing tied with ropes, but she liked it the old-fashioned way. Kids were in school at this hour of the day, but the swing caused her eyes to drift to the frame on her mahogany wood desk. Her son, four years old, was sitting on the swing with a big goofy smile on his face. Her husband next to him was crouching down on his knees and holding her two years old daughter in his hands. She remembered the day and time well. She had taken the picture herself. It was her son’s birthday and everyone was happy that day.

She leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes. Most people asked her that she practically sits and writes in the middle of her house, doesn’t she get disturbed by the noises. She always answered that she liked it this way. She mostly wrote in the morning when her kids and husband were off to their schools and work. The fact that she knew what was going on kept her elevated, she did not feel cut off from the world. She looked at the old clock mounted on the wall on her left, the area where all the other rooms of the house were located providing her with a plain wall to put up paintings and other wall hangings. It was an hour to when her kids will be back from school, she could see their happy faces, running down the long driveway which came all the way from the main gate where their bus dropped them off. Their house was constructed in the center of the whole plot area. The constructed area was less than the landscape surrounding it. It was a detail she made sure she mentioned in the requirements when they started constructing this house. She was fond of nature.

The clock chimed in, telling her it was noon. It brought her back from the fond memories of her family. Her family kept her sane. She shifted her mind back to her story and started writing. Today was particularly a good day she could write; she knew where her story was going. She had it under control.


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