Writing101 Day 4

Today’s Prompt: Write about a loss: something (or someone) that was part of your life, and isn’t any more.

Today’s twist: Make today’s post the first in a three-post series.


She was named after the light.She was bright, simple, pure just like the light. Guess,the name had an influence on her.One thing she didn’t get from the light that she was not as bold and upfront as it.She preferred hiding in the shadows.Shadows of her support system.That was the way she was made.She always needed a support system.It was good or bad, she still had to figure out.

People said she had the gift to guide others,like light guides you through a dark path.It allows you to see things which are otherwise hidden in the dark.It was a gift,she secretly cherished. It ignited a hope inside her, hope that she is useful in someway.She wanted to be useful.

There was enough illumination in her way to see and keep on walking.Her path also had enough shadows to hide in ,whenever she wanted to.She needed the shadows.In the later years of her journey, the path got darker.It started losing the light and so does the shadows.She needed the light because it is necessary to cast shadows.She needed the shadows.She felt like she was out in the open,completely exposed, even though it was getting darker by the moment.Stuck in a paradox,she did not know what to do.She needed the light,to discern and the shadows to take cover.

Living in the darkness was difficult to a point of suffocation.She felt like tearing apart all the dark forces.She wanted to go back,back to brightness.She stopped walking.She could not go further.She wanted to but the forces restricted her.Standing in the pitch black ,that surrounded her, she realized she has stopped struggling.The light outside her was gone and so was the one within her…

I couldn’t think of a thing or a person… but this is about losing myself and then rediscovering.

I hope this goes with the whole idea of today’s prompt.

I plan on making it a series.Next I want to figure out if “hiding” is any good.How will she break through the darkness engulfing her.



8 thoughts on “Writing101 Day 4

  1. I enjoyed the element of mystery in this piece. I wanted to read on to discover who ‘she’ was. I look forward to hearing if you found ‘the light within’ once more. I hope so. My only small critic is that your writing would flow better if there was a space after commas and full stops. But that is only a minor punctuation critic! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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