You haven’t really gotten away!

You think you have gotten away with it

The monster that lived inside you for so long

that brought you down

sucked all the light

killed all the joy

love and trust

But really it hasn’t gone

It still lives there

in the darkest niche of your mind

it likes to peek in


when life throws you a curve ball


for no good reason

it smiles at you

oh! that manic smile

which causes your heart to flutter

it is not at all a happy flutter

It’s the kind that

throws you off a cliff

and once again you find yourself


your senses cease and your heart clenches

partly because you know how it felt the last time you fell

partly because you don’t want to feel that again

That’s when the smile becomes a laughter

and hits your ears

oh! that lunatic laugh

and that’s when you realize



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