Separate Dinners

We make separate dinners

side by side

on the same stove every night

Carefully navigating through

our pots and pans

It’s amazing how flawlessly

our utensils never come in each other’s way

I can smell the aroma of your dish

You can hear the sizzle of mine

We use the same ingredients from different packets

The pile of dishes is always bigger than it should be

it’s funny they get washed together, though

At least at the end of the day there is a clean kitchen

Who knew?

We could co-exist like that


Day20 – Triumph & Contrast


I took this picture last Monday. It was a dinner at my new friend’s place whom I consider my mentor.After the dinner, we were all sitting around the bonfire just chatting, acquainting and reacquainting. I, always the quiet one, was just listening to people talking about their passions and future plans, soaking in every detail of that moment.

The reason I consider this moment,a moment of triumph, is because in this moment I was among people who I deeply respect. People who restored my faith in people. I was surrounded by literature and intelligence.

Most importantly I was at ease with myself. For a long time, I have been at war with myself striving to get better, struggling to accept myself and every bad choice, every regret.I may still be struggling and maybe I’ll always be falling down, getting back up and growing in the process. That’s what life is but I am happy that I have these milestones to look back to.

This is my moment of triumph because in this moment I was not afraid of my truth.


Last day of Photography 101. It has been amazing. I got to learn, experiment and meet beautiful people. Thank you, everyone, who became a part of this journey with me.