Day2 – Street & Establishing shots


Street view.


I really liked the foreground of this picture but I felt like I could do better with the background. I put this up anyway.

This  is a street vendor ” Raddi wala” who collects recyclable material.

I really enjoyed today’s assignment as it got me out of the house. A few minutes on the street allows you to see so many different things.

Plus the second picture was taken earlier in the day. I really love how the shadows have changed.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Baking in motion

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Motion.”


I took these pictures during my first baking experiment. I took pictures of every step, imagining myself as some perfect chef. I remember when the chocolate melted with the butter, I squealed with joy, because it looked heavenly and smelled delicious.Then I mixed the melted chocolate with the other dry ingredients and poured it into the cups.I did the mixing part well but messed up the baking part. They didn’t taste that bad, though. 😀

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