Light one in your heart

Tonight as you blow the candle

light one in your heart

of love and laughter

courage and warmth

flickering compassion

let it catch fire

in the years to come

let it be

your Bright, filling the dark

let a lonely soul

stand in your glow


burn out

light one, again

Oh! Little Warrior!

You are still not over it

If the mere sound of it

activates a warning bell

like in a war zone

Run! Run! Run!

Oh! Little Warrior!





it’s dark, but keep looking

you will find it, the light

settle in

it’s going to be a while

keep a watch

don’t let go

until it speaks to you

your light was always inside you

Hey, little firefly!

“See, you did it!”



Day9 – Warmth & Quality of Light

Funny there is no sun today 🙂 I would have loved to experiment with light but that also requires getting out of the house which is not possible today.

So, here are some photographs that I have taken overtime.

I love the sun om this rose. Long ago I wrote a short poem which goes with the feeling of this image very well. >> Until


The mix of artificial and natural lights give a warm feeling.

Cathedral Church lahore,Pakistan

Sun rays. ❤


Front light.

Village in Okara,Pakistan

Side light.

Sawat, Pakistan

Back light.

Sun looks like a huge fireball here. Love this effect.

Village in Okara,Pakistan

Back light.

St. Anthony’s Church, Lahore,Pakistan