No longer vexed

by the sand tickling our naked feet

we sit by the beach

throwing stones over the stretched waters

forgetting the ones that drowned

rejoicing the ones that skipped

one, two, three or seven times

making the best of the moonlight


I see love

I feel contentment in small moments
When the shine of your smile reaches your eyes
When your eyes begin to droop and you lean against me
When your laughter echoes through the house
When you jump forward because you believe I will catch you
When you take the babble version of my name
When you open your mouth for the next bite of food
When you come to me to ease away your pain
When you love regardless all biases
I find contentment in simply watching you
Because when I see you
I see love in its purest form

I wrote this little piece for my nephew. The first child I have observed so closely and love how pure children are :). Thanks to Allah for this beautiful bundle of joy.

Here is the tiny human 🙂