NaNoWriMo… Yikes !


Okay, my heart is beating really fast and my hands might be a little shaky just thinking about the fact that I took this step. I’ve been dwindling between “hopeful” and “overly depressed” from the past few weeks now.

After reading about NaNoWriMo and then sleeping on it for a few days. Remembering it again and reading some more. Signing up for it like a week ago. Delaying filling in the details or fearing them?. Opening the page to write details about myself and my supposed novel :P. Closing it again, Opening again the next day and closing it again. Today, finally, I took advantage of my mind venturing over to the “hopeful” side and filled in the details.

It’s starting the day after tomorrow.

I did it.

I jumped into the deep waters lets see if I’ll swim!



6 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo… Yikes !

  1. Ohhh my God I’m seeing this post too late! Sheesh, where have I been!?!
    How is it going?? Has the writing started?? Good progress?? I hope there’s no writers block 😮


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