The little girl and the weekend


The weekend was here, well it came every five days but this particular weekend was her weekend off. She was going to stay at her sister’s house. Two whole days of no work and all play. She was really looking forward to it.

Her sister picked her up on Friday evening to take her to her house. The roads were jam-packed, it felt like everyone was out on the streets, enjoying their free time. The bright lights and the noise of the traffic was a little over whelming for her, as she usually stayed home at this hour; watching T.V or doing some work. The distance seemed too much because of the long hours sitting in the car.

For dinner they went to a restaurant, her sister said she liked a lot for their steaks. It was on the big street which had all the fancy restaurants of the city. Initially she insisted on going to some place simple: not too fancy and upbeat, but her sister planned otherwise. Deep inside, she wanted to enjoy the glam of eating out. She had eaten out before, it’s not like she was transported from stone age or something, she just wanted to enjoy this time out alone and regardless of all the worries and responsibilities on her little shoulders.

She was having this time to herself after a long time and she wanted to enjoy it to its fullest.She realized she had become a little rusty.

Riding the elevator to the cinema hall, she looked at the blingy lights of the elevator and the red numbers increasing on the top of the silver door, waiting for it to take her to her destination. She was amused to see all the shiny things around her. Her feeling was right; she indeed has become quite rusty.

Anyone who saw that girl; sitting in that big chair, feet slightly raised, eyes covered with 3-D glasses, immersed in the thrill of the picture could tell she was having a good time.

They went home, slept late and woke up late. She stayed in bed all day, watched T.V and got served with delicious food. She did nothing but lay on bed all day; looking at the ceiling fan, listening to the soft sound of T.V or her sister talking to her and dozed in and out of sleep.

Because  she could.

Saturday and half of Sunday was spent in the same way. Lazing around, watching movies, eating junk food, shopping and not caring. On Sunday afternoon, it was time to go back, she had enjoyed all the alone time but some part of her also wanted to go back, back to the rusty place that was her home.

So the little girl went back to her responsibilities.

To being a wife to her husband.

A mother to her children.

A grandma to her grand children.

Back to taking care of her home and family.

It was a weekend well spent.


9 thoughts on “The little girl and the weekend

  1. Wonderful post. We forget to look at elders anything other than what their social duties define them, we forget that they were little too, and they still need pampering just as much..! Lovely

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