Writing101 Day10

Today’s Prompt: Tell us something about your favorite childhood meal — the one that was always a treat, that meant “celebration,” or that comforted you and has deep roots in your memory.

When a foodie is asked about food, its gonna be food all over the place!. I love food and I mean I love food  in a way, when you get an assignment in your design class to draw something that represents your personality, I draw a burger !? Yes! a Bigmac to be precise.


It all comes naturally, Pasta, Pizza, Fries, Cake, Ice cream, Chocolate or the Desi stuff.. Biryani, Daal chawal, Hari chatni, Naan with malaai. The list goes on and on. Bigmac and I, we go way back. I remember in school my best friend, who was not yet enlightened with the existence of Bigmac, told me that she eats MC chicken. I asked her have you tried the other one, the one that has two patties! It’s bigger and yummier. From that day on, it was Bigmac all the way. She still thanks me for the enlightenment.Then in college, I remember our new friend, Rabia, told us she had never eaten a Bigmac. We told her that she is missing out on life, she needs to eat it or she would die without knowing life. Now we call ourselves “Eating monsters”. Its a cheesy name right? But its okay coz’ cheese is yummy right ?

All our celebrations and all our “I-am-stressed-out-help-me” meet ups always revolve around food. All our pictures consist of us and Bigmac. My friend Sadaf likes to describe it. Bigmac is perfect in a way that when you open the container and its intoxicating smell reaches your nostrils, you know you are a happy person. You are happy but also a little sad that its gonna end soon, you enjoy it bit by bit. When you are half way done, the sadness starts to go away because the happiness prevails. You know its gonna end but its gonna leave you satisfied.When it finally ends you have no worries in your heart you know Bigmac has made your day. But that does not mean you are not coming again, SOON!


Oh and did I mention my folks at my university call me Bigmac? Yeah, they do! The other day, we were leaving for home and I was a little low that day, my friend said, ” Noorya are you okay? Do you need a bigmac?” and that did the trick! whossh all the clouds of worry lurking above me vanished and I said Yes Please!. Thanks Alina and Faryal for the treat.

One of my dreams also include to go on a cheese testing event and be a head chef or something …haha. Oh! and yes have a really awesome food blog someday.

i don’t know about my inner voice ??It felt more like me rambling about how much I love food. Anyways it was fun 😀


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