That’s my Boy !

I have to take one hour ride to my university, during these rides I see different people. Some always manage to stimulate a thought process inside me, even for two minutes.These are little snippets of what I experience during my rides…


The bus turned the corner towards right and came to a halt at the first stop on this road. I saw a boy. He was dressed in his uniform; white shirt, khaki pants and a striped black tie. He was setting his hair with his chubby little hands and looking here and there, eye brows scrunched, deep in his own thoughts. Whether he did his homework right or is the test going to be difficult or what did his mama pack him for lunch or will he and his friends play basketball today.

Following his hand motion, I saw, he was wearing a hearing aid. I thought if his life was any bit different because of that. In that moment I heard a voice, I directed my gaze towards the voice and saw a man next to him, he was half sitting on his bike. I was observing his child and he was apparently observing me. He had called out for his son. I couldn’t make out his name. My bus started moving again and I saw a smile on the father’s face. He wanted his son to know that someone was admiring him. He would probably have told him to wave at me. The last I saw was the pride in that father’s eyes and the bus moved ahead, eradicating the sight In front of me.


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